Haven’t Optimized Your Social Media Yet? Why Bother Posting?

by Chris Musial

Have you optimized your social media profiles for the search engines yet? If not, is it really worth posting new updates and now you know why you aren’t getting the results you expected…

Social media optimization is just as essential for real estate investing companies as SEO for your website or blog or even getting out of bed in the morning. Actually it is probably far more important as a productive social media presence could keep on earning you money in your sleep!

Optimizing your social media for Google, Yahoo and Bing is crucial for a number of reasons. It will not only help you get found on the web by those searching homes or trying to sell their homes in your area but it will keep your brand in their face 24/7, especially with Google’s Social Search feature, help to funnel traffic to your real estate investing website and blog and perhaps most importantly make it super easy for prospects to contact you when they really need your services or have someone to refer.

The good news is that social media optimization is actually pretty easy once you know which fields matter to the search engines. For Facebook your page name, image file name, about section and even the beginning of each of your status updates are read by the search engines and make a difference. Plus note that for all of your real estate investing company’s social profiles your address is essential for improve local search visibility and mobile marketing.

For Twitter real estate investing firms should be utilizing names, images and bios to optimize for search engines and increase relevant followers. LinkedIn also offers important optimization capabilities and is probably picked up more than most other social networks. Don’t forget Google+ either. Your headline, employment and introduction are all searchable and should be optimized and include links to your other web assets.

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