Home Ownership Rates Already Rising

Despite recent reports of crashing to Great Depression level lows we are already seeing a rebound.

According to the US Census Bureau both rental vacancy rates are down and home ownership rates are up. While not a massive jump, US home ownership rates rose 0.4% between the second and third quarters of this year. Clearly even this small increase is good news for real estate investing and shows that things are rising on a national level.

So who is buying, who is dropping out and who should real estate investing companies be focusing their marketing efforts on? While the rates of the youngest and oldest groups of homeowners seem to have been affected relatively equally it is those between 35 to 45 who have seen the biggest drop in home ownership. Additional statistics show that adults between 45 to 54 years old still hold the highest levels at 72.7%.

So yes the older generations may have held onto their homes and be in a better financial situation in many cases and first time buyers may be a hot market, those in the middle who really want to get back on the housing ladder may offer some of the best opportunities if approached correctly with the right product.

Just remember that whatever market you have decided to focus on real estate investing in, the more targeted your marketing and the better you can hone in on one niche the the better the returns you will see on your marketing budget and the faster you will reap results. This not only just means property types and locale, but all demographics including age, occupation, income levels and more. So when you sit down to plan out your marketing for next month or next year, keep this in mind and look for the real estate investing marketing channels that will allow you to do the best job of targeting.

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