Hot Real Estate Investing Trends for 2012: Vacation Rentals

Looking to cash in on the hottest real estate investing trends and opportunities of 2012?


So what are they, where are they and how can you capitalize on them? There has been a huge flood of predictions about the U.S. housing market in 2012. Prices stabilizing, home sales up, foreclosures speeding up and bigger profits ahead for real estate investing. It is always wise to leave the gambling for some one else but one trend which is sure to heat up this year is vacation home rentals. Why?


More Vacations Being Taken

A lot more individuals and families are expected to take vacations this year. Perhaps the economy hasn’t bounced back in a big way yet but the United States is still offers a great discount vacation spot for the rest of the world and the advent of freelance workers means a mass of mobile individuals who can travel all year round. Plus, fewer people have purchased vacation homes in the last couple of years or have sold thier’s meaning that more need some where to stay.


Vacation Rental Prices are High

Vacation rental prices are insanely high to year round rentals. In many cases the same homes can easily rent for two or three what they would as yearly rentals. For real estate investing pros this means properties which they can also use themselves for vacations for free while they turn a profit. You could still rent them year round but making all of your money in 6 months means less wear and tear on your properties too. Not every property may pull in president Obama or Bill Gates who recently paid over half a million for a vacation rental in Wellington, Florida but even lower end properties in destinations like SW Florida can pull in $1,500 to $3,000 a week! Plus leasing your vacation rentals is even easier with sites like Craigslist and by your side.


Where & When to Buy

So where are the real estate investing deals on vacation homes and when is the best time to grab them up? This really depends on where you are in the country. There are vacation destinations for all seasons though you will normally find the best deals on purchases outside of the local season. For example, in Florida you will find much better bargains after April, while now may be the perfect time to buy up North.

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