Hot Spots – Investing By The Numbers

While there are plenty of great deals for real estate investing all around the country and certainly many in your local area it always pays to keep an eye out for upcoming areas that can yield great returns. This doesn’t mean just relying on the news or others to tell you what’s hot, as it may have seen it’s best gains already by that point. Rather take a look at the statistics and cycles of different cities and neighborhoods and look for patterns that indicate good opportunities for real estate investing profits.

This does not mean speculative real estate investing and should go hand in hand with smart buying. However once you start paying attention to the figures you can invest with more confidence and perhaps an edge on your competition.

For example Houston, Texas currently shows a lot of promise with both the volume of home sales and average home prices on the rise. This combined with a healthy job market and a lot of positive press even in the international media is attracting a lot of interest by both real estate investing companies within the US and foreign buyers looking to relocate. Of course you have to look on a zip code level in order to find the best bargains and to see where the best real estate investing opportunities are. Some of the out laying areas are still seeing many foreclosures, yet most of the central area is performing well. This means many bargain priced deals across the street from strong neighborhoods that are great for flipping houses.

Hudson, MA is another area that is a great example of using the numbers to support your real estate investing focus. If you look back at the statistics over the years the Hudson, Massachusetts housing market has always tracked along a little stronger than the national market. Though perhaps more interestingly it shows sharper ups and downs and faster rebounds the rest of the state and the country as a whole. This suggests that as things begin to improve those buying in Hudson will see some of the biggest returns ahead of the rest of the state. Perhaps a good place for flipping homes quickly to build capital that can be used for other longer term rehab deals.

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