Hot Tips for New Investors Launching Themselves Online

Those launching themselves into real estate investing now or at least finally getting ready to embrace the web and make waves online have the perfect opportunity to hit the internet running with a big bang in the next few weeks.

Every day you delay in going live with your online marketing is a day less of leads and referrals. However, even if you don’t have your graphics and sales funnel perfected that doesn’t mean you have to lose out.

Pre-launching is an awesome way to build readers, fans and your opt-in email list even before you go live with your real estate investing blog. Get up a cover or landing page with opt-in form and start getting subscribers now. You can even begin cross promoting with email campaigns to create a buzz.

This gives you the chance to bulk up on hot content over the next few weeks so when you open up it doesn’t look bare.

Creative real estate investing pros can also build the hype by making it invite only like Pinterest. While in reality you may not want to limit readers and leads, making it a little harder and more exclusive to see your listings, offerings and services can make them far more desirable and talked about.

Summer is coming. If you are traveling take the opportunity to cultivate amazing original pics and videos to add to your site and social profiles. If you have kids keep them out of trouble by enrolling their help to use messaging to build your social networks quickly. If not, outsource it overseas inexpensively. Just make sure you are growing targeted followers.

Social is incredibly time consuming but real estate investing companies can’t afford not to give it the attention it deserves. Get social media management software like Hootsuite or Sprout Social for streamlining posting, analytics and management in one dashboard.

Save a little something to make an pop with your marketing launch or expansion as summer hits. Press releases, PPC campaigns and Facebook ads are all good ideas.


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