Housing Inventory Shrinking Fast

It seems the news headlines are finally catching up with what is really going on in the street and are finally reporting positive facts on the housing market. If it continues this is a trend which will help carry real estate investing through to even better times, which will bring up the whole economy.

As we all know a big part of the housing struggle has been the glut of foreclosures on the market. However, that is all changing. just released new figures showing housing inventory falling for the fourth straight month in a row. This data shows almost a 2% drop from July and a 19% decline from this time last year. Clearly this is great news for everyone involved in real estate investing as less inventory signals higher demand, homes selling faster and ultimately rising prices.

The decrease in housing inventory is actually pretty much happening all across the country. Out of 146 markets across the US, 118 markets have seen decreases of 10% or more. This includes major declines in some Florida cities, hitting almost 50%. In fact only three cities have seen increases in inventory since last year. These are Hartford, Connecticut, El Paso, Texas and Denver, Colorado.

Clearly these statistics are not only great news for real estate investing and those who have already locked into discounted properties, but are figures that should be shared with your prospects to help motivate them and get them to pull the trigger on your real estate investing deals before the prices go up. There will always be great real estate investing deals to be found, however it is obviously the best time to lock in to soaring equity and the maximum levels of cash flow on rentals is right now. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get real estate investing!

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