How Should I Be Using Social Media For Real Estate Investing

by Chris Musial

If social media was important for business before it is even more critical and powerful today than ever for those involved in real estate investing.

Amazing records have been set in the last few weeks on Twitter and Facebook showing just how influential it can be and how fast it can work. Charlie Sheen set the Guinness World Record for fastest to get 1 million Twitter follower which he achieved in just over 25 hours! Not to mention he gained 60,000 followers without posting a single tweet. Then there was the hot competition between Oreo cookies and rapper Lil Wayne for the most Facebook likes in 24 hours with Lil Wayne taking the world record with of 588,000.

The bottom line is that social media is an essential tool for everyone in the real estate investing business if for now other reason than the sheer mass of prospects it can reach in such a short period of time. However the problem for most of those flipping houses has been figuring out how they should actually be using social media.

This lack of clarity has led many to be disappointed with their results. You see you cannot simply expect massive results from social media marketing for your real estate investing business with a couple of posts that are nothing more than ads. On the other side of the coin you also can’t expect even great posts to bring you in big money if you only have a handful of followers and fans. Sure you can promote properties that you have for sale and you absolutely need to tell people what you are doing so that they can avail themselves of your services. However you also need to be taking a proactive approach to building the fan base of your real estate investing business on your social media and offering a good mix of interesting and valuable information, not just selling.

So before you launch any more social media campaigns for your real estate investing business take the time to actually carve out a plan for both actively growing your following and contacts and developing better content that will really encourage people to share it with others.

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