How To Get More Leads This Weekend!

Have a house to sell and need more real estate investing leads this weekend?

Generating new home buyer leads and spiking interest on a home that you are flipping might be easier than you think.  With a quick blast of marketing you could get a lot of bites this weekend.

If you can hold an open house this weekend for one of the properties that your real estate investing business is holding check out the following ideas…

Get in touch with a local Realtor who has a good presence and a good contact list of buyers.  Offer them an open listing on your property that you can cancel at anytime without penalty.  Have them market the property to their buyer contacts and drive them into your open house.  This will heat up the competition as more bodies spike interest higher.  You get to use their signs and probably some of their glossy marketing and research materials too.  If they can bring the buyer, great pay them a commission.  If you generate your own buyer, you pay nothing.

Send out an email blast to your database of buyers other real estate investing companies and other local real estate brokers too.  This normally has the biggest impact when sent 24 hours before your open house.

Blast your listing and open house invitation out to your Twitter followers.  Note best time to do this has also been shown by many experts to be 4pm EST on Fridays – perfect for your weekend open house.

Use foursquare.  You don’t even have to already have a heavy presence on it.  Simply post tips at local check-in spots that are likely frequented by those who may be home shopping on the weekend. Think Starbucks, juice bars and restaurants.

Employ the help of local customer service workers by giving them businesses cards with a place for their name on the back as a referral agent.  Offer them $250 for anyone that they send your way who buys a home from your real estate investing business.  Think bartenders, servers, hotel valets, taxi drivers, gas station attendants, anyone likely to be in contact with those looking around your area for a home.

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