How to Never Make a Mistake with Your Blog Again

Want to boost the results from you blog this year but worried changes may actually work against you? Want to know how to never make a critical mistake again?

Making changes to your web assets or business processes used to be a perilous, expensive experiment which could cripple your business, income and reputation. Not anymore.

Making visual changes to your WordPress blog has never been easier and the same goes for changing the flow of your site. This is important as every minute factor can have a big impact on conversions. Now you can make changes in minutes as a temporary test and always restore to your previous set up if you see a dip in sales or even just the stickiness of your blog.

You can also test out varying styles of posts and keywords and easily keep an eye on your metrics to watch how they perform and affect your traffic figures. However, there can be other moves which could potential have a much larger impact on your blog and business reputation which you simply won’t want to gamble on.

However, now with the speed of social media and the ease of syndicating your blog across the web and through email you can ask questions before you make critical mistakes. Plus this could even help you increase your brand’s buzz. Look at Bank of America and Verizon’s recent stories in the news. They have have started an outcry and outrage at planned increases in fees but they also got a ton of free press and interaction on their social platforms.

This won’t just help you avoid making mistakes either. Asking questions in your blog posts can also help you identify new revenue opportunities including what enhancements you can make to your current offering and what new products or services your prospects are eager to buy that they can’t find.

Perhaps you even have challenges with your blog that we have answered here yet. Just ask and our next blog post could be just for you…

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