How To Sell Without Becoming A Scam Victim

Getting an offer on your home is one thing, but closing on the deal can be quite another.  The steps required to close a deal can be complicated, leaving those who want to sell out of the loop. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the necessary steps to avoid becoming a scam victim.

The San Diego real estate market is moving fast and there are plenty of buyers for some properties, but remember that there are a lot of con artists with bad intentions out there. It’s no longer just a matter of “help me sell my house fast,” but fast and safe.

Sadly, many San Diego County homeowners seriously underestimate the threat. Most are under the impression that getting an offer and agreeing to a price is the big challenge and everything just works itself out from there. However, unscrupulous scammers can turn out to be thieves looking to take advantage of opportunities when viewing homes. Reports suggest that many have attempted to take the titles of Southern California properties without actually handing over the cash, and some will just hold up the property in limbo for months.

Accordingly, there are penalties and consequences of choosing the wrong buyer. Ask yourself what you are doing to prevent yourself from becoming a scam victim.

Perhaps the first question San Diego home sellers should ask is how buyers found them, and then make sure they check prospective home buyers out before even letting them step foot in the yard. Ask for ID and look them up online.

Next make sure you aren’t wasting time with any San Diego area home buyer unless they are truly qualified. This means more than waving a mortgage pre-approval letter around. These virtually worthless pieces of paper have caused more frustration than anything else in this business and are extremely unreliable.

There are a lot of good buyers and real estate investors that are doing good business in the county. Just make sure the one you sign a contract with to sell your home is established, has a good reputation, can really pay cash if they put that in the contract, and are able to close quickly.  Researching a potential buyer can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a scam victim. Practice these tips and you may experience a jump in success.



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