Most Important Real Estate Investing Move of 2013

If there is one single factor which is likely to separate those real estate investing businesses which not only end 2013 on top but go onto amazing long term successes, what would it be?

Most don’t get it or even if they see the signs or the trend evolving fail to recognize its critical importance and impact on their real estate investing futures.

If anything will separate those who emerge top or flop and will determine long term business success it is independence. That is not relying on anyone or any other single platform for their success.

We’ve already seen major real estate brokerages recognize and act on this in the last year by ending syndication of their listings to giant online real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia. We’ve also recently seem how devastating failing to foresee the issues can be in the Netflix outage over the holidays due to relying on Amazon, Instagram trying to take control over its users’ content and the many woes of Facebook and how Facebook marketing has been changing so dramatically.

Collaboration is great, social is still good, but there are huge rewards for originality and a much brighter future for those who are in control of their own futures.

Those real estate investing businesses that are successful in 2013 will be flexible and will capitalize on opportunities on other platforms. They will collaborate with partners to grow, gain more visibility and increase net profits. However, those who end the year on top and will go on to lead in the real estate investing arena will be those who invest more in themselves and their independent from third parties.

This means diversifying, building their own websites and content and positioning their brands as the one others seek out to do business with rather than expending resources trying to jump on someone else’ boat.

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