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Than Merrill from A&E’s hit TV show “Flip this House” is going to show you how he finds his most profitable real estate deals and the ACTUAL systems he uses to manage his entire business.

Here’s what you will learn on the demo:

  • How we are currently getting our most profitable deals (you can copy this),
  • How we are getting FUNDING for those deals (and how you can too),
  • The back office systems we use to manage our leads, offers, and deals,
  • How we get consistent cash buyer, private lender, bankruptcy, tax lien, FSBO, and renter leads,
  • The marketing system and platform we use for direct mail, email, mobile marketing, and more,
  • How we sell properties with our marketing system (including how to blast your properties to 40+ websites in minutes),
  • How you can do consistent real estate deals on a part time basis when you have a marketing and back office platform to run your business,
  • How we have AUTOMATED the short sale process using software,
  • How we manage all the information (contacts, expenses, metrics) in one very easy to use platform
  • How this system takes the guesswork out of finding AND selling your first (or next) deal
  • Why it’s risky for you to attempt real estate investing without this system (you would literally need 10 other tools and 10x the amount of time to do what this one tool does for you)

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