Where To Invest $150k In Today’s Real Estate Market

Investors with funding often find themselves looking for potential deals in every real estate market. However, just because they have the money, does not mean they know where to invest it. So where should investors start looking? More importantly, what’s the best way to invest $150,000 in real estate today?

There are a lot of aspiring investors looking for ways to get into real estate investing with no money down. Ironically, today, there are far more would-be investors with thousands sitting idle because they aren’t sure which is the best move to make. So if you have $150k that needs to be put to work, what’s your best plan?

Whether it is money from gradual savings, the sale of a business or other property, money in a 401k, cash that has been inherited, or funds which desperately need to be re-assigned from another investment; there is an investment that fits your particular strategy.

Some of the most popular strategies for putting money to work in real estate include:

However, before jumping into any of these potential investment strategies, know what you are about to get yourself into. If not, perhaps it’s wise to start by investing in your real estate education.

Regardless of the amount of liquid capital you are starting with, from $20k to $2m, consider the wisdom and advantages of diversity. In other words – don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Minimize risk and maximize returns by investing in 3 to 5 real estate deals instead of just one. You can still leverage the capital you are putting in. If your equity position is strong enough, you can even do this via non-resource loans, which do not require personal guarantees.

If you are still stuck, and not sure where to invest, there is help out there and many potential partners too.