Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

New Investing Trends Facilitate Housing Boom

Written by Than Merrill

While the U.S. housing market is unquestionably heading into boom territory and aiding the nation’s economy, some emerging real estate investing trends must seem bizarre to industry veterans.

New real estate websites and portals that do the “same old thing” are popping up all over. However, some are receiving millions in venture capital from high profile angel investors due to recent investing trends.

Real estate insiders are investing millions of their own money into REITs, with little expectation of further growth.

Giant real estate investing firms and wealthy individuals are putting millions into brand new homes (at peak or above market prices), with hopes of tuning them into rentals.

There are virtually novices in the real estate investing game finding ways to put together huge, billion dollar deals with international finance partners and giant private equity firms.

Most real estate investing veterans are shaking their heads at many of these moves, as are green investors. It’s not that they aren’t ‘OK’ investments, but they hardly offer the best option for most. The point is that the money is out there.

Much of it would clearly be far better and more wisely put into play in direct investment in real estate, and in real estate investments that offer value right now. Those with the cash could certainly find a safer haven for capital and better returns.

So if you could use more funding to make acquisitions,  scale operations or even continue marketing, maybe it is just about asking for it loud enough…