Is Your Business Losing Out: Google + Brand Pages

by Chris Musial

Social media has rapidly become one of the most profitable and cost effective ways for real estate investing businesses to promote themselves. You are probably already experimenting with Facebook and Twitter and perhaps some other networks but last week’s launch of Google+ Brand Pages is not something that you should be missing out on.

Some have criticized Google+ for not being as evolved as Facebook yet but you can be sure that being tied into the world’s most popular search engine and a ton of apps being used by businesses every day that it will only grow in importance and popularity.

Waiting to create your own Google+ brand page for your real estate investing business is only going to give your competitors the edge. Get on it, set up a profile and notify all of your contacts. It only takes a couple of clicks.

Get your prospects to add your real estate investing business to their ‘Circles’ and start regular posting just like you are doing on your other social networks. The Direct Connect feature is still being rolled out but the 2 biggest advantages of Google+ for real estate investing companies is likely to be the social search element and ‘Hangouts’ which enables live, face-to-face interaction between real estate investing companies and prospects. The opportunities for dynamic engagement are almost endless. Think presenting deals, live virtual tours and open houses, live video chat support and much, much more.

This not only certainly means being able to get rid of the office and extra overhead permanently but more profits and far easier and more inexpensive lead generation for those who do it right. So you can keep on doing that busy work that you know you shouldn’t be dealing with anyway or delegate it and get your real estate investing company’s Google+ brand page launched…

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