Its All About Presentation!

A solid and relevant real estate education course should not just teach you about the mechanics of flipping houses but about what really separates successful real estate investors from those who never seem to get off the ground.

How you present yourself and your business both on and offline can make all the difference in whether or not you are really able to use real estate investing to reach all of your goals. We see it every day in every industry. It really doesn’t matter how much of a genius you are or how great your homes and real estate deals are if you don’t get the word out and carry it through to your presentation. Everyday great products and business ideas fail because they are not marketed right while inferior services and competitors rocket to industry domination because they know how to market themselves attractively. Just look at cell phone companies, airlines and banks that have fabulous ads telling you how much they care and how great they are, yet you can’t get them on the phone or once you sign up miserably fail to follow through on their promises.

This doesn’t of course mean that you should think it is OK to offer substandard service yourself. Rather it means that you should be seeking out a good real estate education course that also points out the importance of presentation and provides tips on how to effectively market yourself.  One of the most important things you can take from a real estate investing education is to remember that your marketing plays as big a role in your profits as the spreads on individual homes does.

It is simply amazing that in this day and age real estate investors and agents still continue to throw up ugly non-functional websites and marketing materials and expect to succeed when there are so many great tools and low cost outsourcing contractors available. Sure you can easily sell ugly homes if you present them right, but even selling great looking properties can be difficult if your website is ugly. Even if you spend very little time online you know what makes something attractive and who you would trust and buy from online and what turns you off, so why would you put up anything less than good?