Kindle Fire Changes Real Estate Marketing for Good

Does the Kindle Fire signal a dramatic shift in who will win at real estate investing from here on out? If so what can you do to prevent being left behind?

Amazon’s new tablet, the $199 Kindle Fire has been selling like crazy. In addition to December holiday gifts experts expect to see the Kindle Fire topping 5 million in sales for the year and accounting for at least of half of all Android tablet sales in 2012. Additionally media giants are already reporting ad impressions growing at a faster rate than that on the iPad back in 2010. However, it isn’t just the amount of Kindle Fire tablets that are out there that are going to affect advertising trends and consumer behaviour it is the usage.

The Kindle Fire, being smaller than the iPad and built for entertainment has users locked on like a pitbull making mobile marketing and mobile optimized Internet marketing absolutely essential for any real estate investing pro or company who wants to make it through this year with and see a fraction of what they made in 2011. So how can you capitalize on it?

PPC Advertising

As mentioned above CPM and PPC advertising is literally on fire. Some may push you purely to seek out ‘free’ types of advertising by the real pros and entrepreneurs who are making the most money on the web put PPC as one of their top channels.

Social Media

The tablet brings a whole new level of enjoyment to social media on the go. This means more usage and time spent on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you aren’t there you are going to start to see other real estate investing companies swiping your prospects and deals.


Being Amazon’s own baby and with so many individuals dying to any material they are half interested in to fill up their Kindles to have something to do on them ebooks, especially those being sold through Amazon are bound to be hot items. So it may be the perfect time to commission a few real estate education books of your own for buyers and sellers, which can also be used on your site to build your opt-in list.

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