Live Stream Bootcamp FAQs

 Live Stream Bootcamps – May/June 2020


How do I access the live stream?

  • Your live stream event will be hosted in a private Facebook Group. Your registration confirmation email will include the link and a special code to join the group. 
  • If you do not have a personal or business profile you will need to make one using your Mastery email before joining the group. Check out our tutorial on creating a personal Facebook Profile
  • We recommend viewing the live stream from your computer.


What time will the live stream be each day?

  • The live stream will start at 9:00am Pacific/ 12:00pm Eastern.

How can I network with other students?

  • During the live stream, there will be interactive portions of the class so you can network with your fellow investors in the Mastery Community!


How can I have the best internet connection & avoid buffering?

Here are FortunBuilders’ Pro-Tips for getting the best internet connection:

  • Move as close as possible to your internet router/modem.
  • If possible, plug an ethernet cable into your computer from your router/moderm.
  • You can manually select a resolution for the video by clicking the gear (circular) icon in the lower right corner of the video. Then, select the “quality” button and try “480p”.

**If these solutions do not resolve your issues please also try refreshing the page.**


Will there be breaks?

  • Yes! Just like our Live Events, you will have 10 minute breaks throughout the day along with a break for lunch.


Will there be an opportunity to do a Q & A with the speakers?

  • Yes! During the live stream, you will be able to ask your instructor any questions that you have during the class. 


What if I miss part of the Bootcamp recording? Will I be able to rewatch the event?

  • The live stream event is recorded and will be available to re-watch in your Facebook group for one week after the end of your event.


How do I cancel my registration?

  • If you are unable to attend the live stream, you can cancel your registration by selecting “Cancel Registration” next to the event you are registered for here or you can email us at