Getting Some Love on Valentine’s Day for Investors

Valentine’s Day is often one of the most overlooked and unloved special days of the year by those in real estate investing. Massive amounts of effort and resources are poured into other events and holidays, yet this remains one of the most powerful opportunities of the year for those in real estate.

For a start this is one of the supreme marketing ops for real estate investing. Let others neglect to show the love, while you win hearts and clean up, paving the path to an incredibly profitable year.

For a start Valentine’s Day brings plenty of opportunities for unique, themed direct marketing. This is your chance to really stand out with display and broadcast media providing you can be a little creative.

Even sending out simple email or direct mail Valentine’s Day cards to your database or farm area can have a massive impact. Many recipients won’t get anything from anyone else, meaning they are sure to remember you with positive emotions.

There is also never a better time for drawing in more social and blog traffic and converting them to subscribers with themed content. You’re reading this right?

Valentine’s Day is also excellent for networking opportunities. It can be couples you know, dinners for others in the business or even sponsoring a local restaurant or dating event. The odds are many in the room will want to make more money through real estate investing to upgrade their wardrobe and toys if newly single and they will certainly remember you when it is time to buy a home with their new found love.

However, most important of all is to take the day or weekend off with your someone special. If you don’t they will despise your work, see it as the enemy and make your life and real estate investing efforts very difficult for the next year. Instead show them how it has enabled you to treat them so they encourage you and want to help.