Mastering Local Marketing for Real Estate Investors

While your ultimate goal may be to develop a global dominating real estate investing empire, starting with mastering your own local market can be a great first step.

The world is a big chunk to bite off all at once and learning to take it down once niche market segment at time, starting with your local area can help give you the tools you need to go big effectively, not to mention providing a great income base to expand your real estate investing empire with.

So where do you start and what types of marketing campaigns should you be engaging in to dominate your local real estate market?

Of course you should constantly be building your expertise and personal brand online but you also need immediate income and cost effective marketing which delivers right now.

Getting a good handle on local SEO is a good place to start. Work with your SEO team and writers to dig in and hone your content and identify the most valuable local keywords which will deliver great conversion rates and put you at the top of internet searches for real estate in your area.

Once you have your keywords right you will also be able to achieve a much better ROI and lead flow from targeted PPC advertising campaigns and Facebook ads too. However, don’t overlook other location based social platforms and those ideal for real world cross over campaigns like foursquare and LinkedIn. Developing your local citations including local business listings like Google Places for your real estate investing company can go a long way to aid in local SEO and mobile campaigns too.

Don’t ignore offline marketing opportunities either. The rebound may be heating up and summer is sure to see many sizzling marketing campaigns so this could be many real estate investing pros last chance to negotiate great discounts on a local advertising blitz including items like billboards, bus and bench ads, radio and even getting sweet rates on real estate magazine spreads.

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