Mobile Marketing For Real Estate Investing

Not only is 2011 set to see the real turnaround in the housing market and is set to be a record year for real estate investing, but it is also being dubbed by some as ‘The Year of Mobile Marketing’. Just social media marketing through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were essentials last year, real estate investing businesses must also embrace mobile marketing this year to stay ahead of the competition.

There are several ways to to utilize mobile marketing for real estate investing. Text to mobile marketing has become much more popular over the last couple of years for those using yard signs for flipping houses. Mobile versions of websites are becoming a must and mobile real estate apps are now being developed by businesses of all sizes. However if you don’t feel your budget will allow for creating a truly effective app of your own you can look into outsourcing it or getting listed on sites like Zillow that already have mobile apps.

Even though home buyers are a little more cautious in some respects these days consumers are more demanding than ever when it comes to speed. They want answers to their questions or products they can buy right now. Put your homes and real estate investing opportunities in their hands wherever they may be.

However if you are considering building your own mobile app for your real estate investing business you must make sure that you are looking far enough ahead. Just trying to match what some apps are offering today is not going to be good enough. Your competitors are already working on the next evolution of apps that provide better tracking, personalization, data capture and integrate social media marketing. Think about what you will need to stay ahead of the pack and what will be expected in terms of functionality in 3 months from now or more. However you do it, do something, mobile marketing is a must for anyone in real estate investing who wants to be a leader in the next few years.

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