Mother’s Day Presents Opportunities in Real Estate Investing

Mother’s Day is a special day and shouldn’t be dismissed by those in the real estate investing industry. So how can you use it to your advantage? Real estate investors who take the time to appreciate mothers on their special day may be presented with a wealth of opportunities.

First off, of course, don’t forget to celebrate with your own mother! If at all possible, schedule time to be with her. Your clients will have to learn to respect the relationship between you and your mother. Doing so will portray you in a respectable light. By comparison, what does it say about your integrity as a real estate investor if you are willing to ignore your mother on her special day?

Unfortunately, there are many individuals that can’t be with their mothers on Mother’s Day, as well as mothers that may not be receiving the love and recognition they deserve. This is your opportunity to let your real estate investing brand shine, and to do something really heart felt. Express your appreciation for mothers on their day and you may be rewarded handsomely.

Advertise a special Mother’s Day open house that includes special gifts for any mothers that stop by.

Consider giving a discount on any offers you make in respect to Mother’s Day. Or, revisit sellers that wouldn’t budge before with the prospect of a special bonus. Perhaps you could offer an extra $2k for the day if they’ll agree to sell (if the numbers work for you).

Even blogging about the special day is considered great for public relations. Wish them a happy Mother’s Day, offer tips for gifts and activities, and point out why a new home, shiny condo, vacation cottage on the beach or investment property is the best gift. It’ll build relationships and develop more loyalty among prospective, current and past clients. Appreciating mothers on their special day can be an important key to building long term wealth.