Offering Value: Real Estate Education

What are you doing to offer real value to potential buyers of the homes you are flipping? There are many homes on the market now and the news headlines to continue to confuse buyers as to whether or not they should buy or where. So how can you separate yourself and become a trusted advisor that buyers listen to and want to do business with?

Offering some form of real estate education to potential buyers in your area is a great way to add value to your services and Internet presence. There are a number of ways to can offer real estate education to buyers of all kinds and use it to generate a large pipeline of leads.

Offering basic real estate education to buyers via your social media is a great way to build a big fan base and an immense pool potential buyers for homes you are flipping now and in the future. This can come in the form of regular home buying tips on your blog, Facebook or YouTube channel or through free reports in the form of mini real estate courses on how to buy a home which can be used to build massive opt-in email lists.

Some real estate investing companies have found great success in providing real estate education through first time home buyer seminars. You can either do this alone or team up with your dream team to minimize your costs. This is an excellent way to build extreme loyalty among potential buyers in your area who will look to you for advice on what to buy.

As your own real estate investing education and experience grows you may even find great success as a guest speaker at local meetings and networking events like the Chamber of Commerce, Realtors association, mortgage broker conventions and local real estate investors groups.