Perfect Your Pitch With This Trick

Real estate investing requires a certain level of salesmanship. Unless you totally insulate yourself by having someone in place to do everything for you will at some point or other you will have to be presenting offers on homes you want to buy and of course pushing homes you want to sell as well. Some of this can be done by email and fax, but becoming great at selling people on what you want them to do by phone or in person will make flipping houses much easier and much more profitable. This does not require that you were born gifted with a silver tongue. However picking up some sales skills and learning to perfect your pitch will go a long way.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by listening to how other pros do it on a daily basis. Newspaper ads are one of the great marketing tools that many investors flipping houses use for both buying homes and building a large database of buyers. If you have already used local newspaper ads for real estate investing you know that they can generate large numbers of calls. Yes, a number of these calls will no doubt come from real estate agents and other real estate investors who are flipping houses themselves. However what many overlook is the big benefits these calls offer. Most of those who are flipping homes immediately hang up on these callers. However, listening to them and their pitches is the perfect way to pick up what works and what doesn’t.

Depending on what type of add you run you will get a variety of real estate professionals and other investors who are flipping houses calling you and trying to do business with you. Let the calls roll and see what lines and attributes work with you and which styles are weak. Add the best to your own pitch when approaching homeowners whose homes you want to acquire and for presenting your properties to your end buyers. Soon you will see huge improvements in being able to close deals and flipping homes. Not only will this mean shortening your cash cycle but also much bigger profits.

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