Protect Your Real Estate Business With Increased Security Measures

A new Justice Department scandal involving the seizure of Associated Press journalists’ and editors’ phone records has highlighted a new age of privacy concerns.  As a business owner in the real estate industry, it is important to protect your real estate business by implementing a number of security measures.

Big Brother, as the scandal has been aptly named, is secretly monitoring an increasing number of Americans and U.S. companies for suspicious activity. With increased precautions taken by the government, is your real estate investing company really safe? What does it mean for business owners? Who else can see your records?

What you say and whom you communicate with can have a major impact on your career. An investigation into your files can be disastrous due to business interruption and bad press. Continue to protect your real estate business and increase profitability.

Furthermore, if third parties are able to steal information, it can lead to losing leads and competitors stealing your real estate investing and marketing strategies. If customer IDs are stolen and financial information is compromised, the ensuing lawsuits can cripple even the most affluent real estate companies.

It’s time to step up security and protect your real estate business. Use better passwords, be cautious of where you store data, how it is transferred, and the internet connections you use. Maybe even consider military grade encryption services for protecting calls, texts and file transfers.

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