Why Are You Still Putting in So Many Hours?

Throwing yourself full force into real estate investing and clocking up an incredible amount of hours could certainly be considered noble by many but how is it that others are able to make more money than most do in a year in while claiming only a 4 hour work week?

Being passionate about real estate investing is great, working hard to provide for your family is honorable and trying to get ahead early can be smart but others are achieving all this in less time each week. It may not be 4 hours but it is likely far less than 100.

Some real estate investing pros are flipping houses in as little as an hour. They may make only $5,000 on some deals but some have made $60,000 on flipping houses. That’s more than the annual salary of most Americans.

However, if you want to be making top level money, you need to be doing top level work. You aren’t going to make even $500 an hour twittering around with your social media unless you are already a celebrity. What makes the big bucks? Actually negotiating real estate investing deals.

Sourcing properties, evaluating profit potential, marketing and in fact even negotiations can even be delegated or outsourced. This will leave you free to only have to worry about the highest level tasks and actually working on growing your real estate investing business.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to do this but it is essential. Even if you are still working a full time job while trying to break into real estate investing this can be done. In fact this probably makes it even more important.

However, the real key to enjoying a shorter work week for the long term is systems. Software programs can streamline and automate many tasks from finding potential deals to social media marketing. While taking the time to document your processes and systemize them means easily being able to delegate tasks that you never could before and never having to rely on anyone personality for your income.

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