Reaching Buyers, Sellers & Private Mortgage Lenders

Real estate investors face a unique challenge in that they need to reach buyers, sellers and obtain funding, often by attracting private mortgage lenders in order to flip houses. The question is should you really try to do all of this on one site or is it smarter and easier to do with multiple websites?

You have probably seen this accomplished successfully on real estate investing company websites like CT Homes’. Certainly only having to design, manage and market one real estate investing website and blog has its obvious advantages. It can be cheaper, less time consuming and can sometimes mean pulling in more traffic for your marketing dollar. However, for newer real estate investing companies who do not have a well recognized brand yet there can be draw backs of trying to accomplish too much on one website.

Trying to portray your real estate investing business as being dedicated to helping sellers and buyers get the best deal at the same time while keeping the interests of your private mortgage lenders a top priority can send a conflicted message to your visitors. Then it can be difficult to keep prospects focused and funneled in the right direction if you have too many different things going on.

Of course managing 3 different websites, blogs and marketing campaigns can take up more resources. So consider meeting in the middle by first driving interested, highly targeted traffic to individual landing pages designed to convert buyers, sellers and private mortgage lenders. Capture their opt-in information here and then give them access to your main site. This can give you the best of both worlds while maximizing your marketing ROI.

However you organize your real estate investing web assets remember that everyone wants to work with an expert who specializes in what they need and who can operate in their best interests.