10 Can’t-Miss Real Estate Blogging Ideas

Key Takeaways

  • Weighing in on housing trends, and everything related to them, is a great way to reach homebuyers (and sellers) with your blog.
  • Highlighting local things — whether community events, your favorite restaurant, or dog-friendly parks  is a sure-fire way to reach a motivated audience.
  • Can you help share info about relocation? You might just find some great leads that way.

A real estate blog is an important part of any comprehensive investor strategy, but many investors have a few remaining questions: How are they going to gather all those real estate blogging ideas to help them create content? What topics should they cover in their real estate blogging efforts to ensure they reach the exact local audience they want to?

One of the best real estate blogging tips around is to focus on housing and real estate trends. Another good form of real estate content marketing is to highlight local events in your area. Still, another way to utilize content marketing for real estate is to point out any crucial news regarding schools, restaurants or transportation.

Here are 10 real estate blogging ideas to help keep your blog productive, fruitful and full of content that acquires leads.

Real Estate Blogging Ideas You Can Use Today

Real estate blogging tips

1. Housing Trends

There may be no more universal topic for your potential audience than that of real estate. Whether you’re trying to reach sellers or buyers, discussing trends in home sales, mortgage rates, and lending restrictions is a good place to invest energy.

Tip: Create Google Alerts around specific housing trends to get timely info you can use for your content.

2. Local Events

Who doesn’t want to know about events in the community you spend most of your time? From festivals to community projects and estate sales to charity 5Ks, let readers know about any upcoming, notable events in your real estate market.

Tip: Subscribe to event updates from local websites and newspaper sites to keep tabs on what’s going on.

3. Feature a Local Business

Got a favorite hamburger joint, or perhaps the ultimate place to get a latte? Maybe you know the best happy hour spot near the ballpark. Not only will your audience appreciate your insight about cool places to check out, but chances are the business will provide a link to your website, helping the SEO of your real estate blog.

Tip: Think about doing a talk or meet up at the featured business to drum up business.

4. Recreation Activities

Whether it’s the best gym to get in shape or the ideal place for that hike with the dog, providing some great places to get some exercise is a fabulous idea for blog content.

Tip: Include affiliate links to sporting good or recreational equipment for additional revenue.

5. Dog-Friendly

Unfortunately, it can be tough for residents to know where the best place to take their pets is. From dog groomers to dog-friendly restaurants, provide a list of recommended places for dog lovers to check out.

Tip: Encourage folks to share pics of their own four-legged friends. Great for getting engagement on your blog.

6. Kid Stuff

It doesn’t matter whether you’re finding the perfect kid-friendly pizza joint or the latest news about the best schools, giving parents information about kid-themed info in your market is a great way to produce helpful content that has a good chance of getting shared on social media.

Tip: Survey your email list to find out the best places.

7. Testimonial Pages

Though you don’t want to toot your horn too much, one great way to build your credibility — and demonstrate your track record — is to have content based on current and former clients who’ve worked with you. These can be text-based or even through video, but no matter how you present it, it can be a powerful addition to your real estate blog.

Tip: Ask your email subscribers for testimonials; you’ll be shocked how many people you out.

8. Home Maintenance

Who doesn’t want to know more about renovating their property to make it look better? Which home improvements will lead to the biggest return on investment? You can even take it one step further by diving into topics such as staging a home you’re planning to sell, or how to avoid many of the common challenges associated with buying/selling a home.

Tip: Do a video walk-thru of your own home, or a property you recently worked on, to show your expertise in real time.

9. Relocation Information

Relocation to a new geographic region can be a stressful time for even the most prepared individuals. By providing resources and information that help folks moving to a new region, you can reach people who are likely to be looking to either buy or sell property.

Tip: Partner with local businesses to create joint ventures where you feature them as a resource, and maybe get a bit of referral income in the process.

10. Share Your Story

Your real estate blog content is the perfect place to get a little bit personal and share your journey as an investor. Why should folks work with you? How did you get started? What have you learned in your journey as an entrepreneur and investor? And what can you share about the investing industry that readers could apply to their own lives? Most people view the investor life as a dream aspiration. Let them inside your process and you might find it one of the most important selling tools you have.

Tip: Have somebody interview in a Q&A session that covers the most typical questions you get as an investor.

Do you have some real estate blogging ideas you’ve used with success? Let us know in the comments below.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies