Real Estate Business Lessons: Under Promise, Over Deliver & Win

Many brands proclaim they intend to “under-promise, over-deliver.” For real estate investors and companies that actually do, the rewards can be huge. The concept of “under promise, over deliver” isn’t new. Unfortunately, bright ideas put it into play typically wind up “over-promising and under-delivering.” Real estate investors and businesses that really understand what it means to follow through on this can enjoy superior rewards. So where have so many others gone wrong with this? What are some great examples of doing it right? How can this concept be applied for real estate investing businesses? What are the costs of neglecting to deliver?

Big (Empty) Claims Breed Bitterness

It’s pretty hard to over deliver when you raise expectations so high. By default, prospective customers are already expecting a windfall of giveaways before they get to your office. Nine times out of 10, the disappointment (reality) will kill the deal at the most critical moment.

Over Delivering Real Estate Services

How can real estate investing professionals deliver more? More importantly, how can they come out on top when they do? Take a look at how companies in other industries are wowing consumers:

A used car dealer in SW Florida sends out birthday letters. No advertising involved. Just a happy birthday message. Imagine this was the only birthday greeting a client received on their special day. How impressive would that be? Upgrading, and offering more valuable real estate blog content can be another easy way to make a good impression, versus luring people in and serving up junk that is barely readable and is copied from someone else’ website.

In a period when major banks have been bringing back all types of fees, with some complaining deposits are purposefully manipulated to increased junk fees, low end players are changing the game. PayPal offers an incredible suite of add-ons, with no fees. Capital One not only offers free checking, but is giving $50 to those that open new accounts.

The Reward

Those real estate investors and companies that do over deliver, can align themselves with supporting vendors to wow their customers. The pending referrals and repeat business can slash ongoing marketing and branding costs, elevates business volume and profit margins, and can mean all the difference in surviving. Note that this is just as, if not even more important, when real estate investors are starting out.

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