Real Estate Coaching: Is It Worth It?

The value of great real estate education courses and seminars is clear, but is it really worth investing in coaching as a form of real estate education?

What is coaching exactly anyway and why not just jump in and start real estate investing for yourself today. There is nothing wrong with action, in fact getting your feet wet is one of the best ways to really see how it works for yourself. Perhaps you have been a successful entrepreneur or executive in another industry and are quite confident in your abilities. However seeking out real estate education in the form of coaching is really not about being taught by someone smarter than you, it is about gaining personal training from someone who has already been extremely successful at real estate investing. Someone who has seen the pitfalls, learnt how to master systems and knows how to turn a profit in the safest and fastest way. It is an investment. You can jump in and figure out the ins and outs yourself and still make a profit. Though taking advantage of coaching will certainly help you see profits faster, avoid losing thousands and give you a solid foundation for a truly successful real estate investing business for the long run.

Coaching can range from one on one session by phone to intensive meetings over several days where you get to see how the pros do it everyday. Business people in all industries often pay tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to see what their competitors are doing behind the scenes or even just for a few hours with industry leaders. That doesn’t mean that you have to make such a huge investment at this stage, though you can be sure that every dollar you spend on coaching for your real estate investing enterprise will pay off far more than you could ever imagine. Its like being handed the recipe for success on a platter, what is that worth?