The Mobile Marketing Race Is On!

Whether you just finished your real estate education course or you have been flipping houses for decades you can’t afford to overlook mobile marketing if you want to survive the next 5 years.

Don’t see the value in mobile apps for real estate investing yet?  Zillow has capitalized on it’s mobile marketing apps, enabling it to announce a $50 million IPO.  Similarly has reported a 240% increase in home buyers reaching out to local real estate professionals from their own mobile apps.

Even if a 240% increase in your business or an extra $50 million doesn’t excite you the fact is that the public is trending away from researching homes online well in advance of their home search and are now hitting the road and getting their data on the spot as they go.  If you aren’t harnessing mobile marketing for your real estate investing business you can expect your market share and volume to decline.

Some cutting edge real estate brokerages have been using mobile apps for a couple of years while the rest are racing theirs through development.  Though you don’t have to create your own real estate investing app in order to stay in the game (at least for now).  Many real estate education courses do not cover mobile marketing, though those who are constantly improving their real estate education through coaching will have an upper hand here.  You should start planning one, however you want to make sure that by the time it is finished it will still be cutting edge and will not be at risk of violating the newly proposed privacy bill.

In the meantime you can market through other company’s mobile apps, make sure that your real estate investing website is optimized for mobile devices and get involved in other types of mobile marketing.  Setting up text marketing by enabling potential buyers to request specific home details from the for sale sign to their mobile phone is a great way to start. In fact one company is receiving an average of 100 leads a day from this channel.  Others are using QR codes so that prospects can simply scan their signs and get the information they want instantly.

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