Real Estate Education: Tips For Better Outsourcing

If you have taken any great, up to date and truly effective real estate education course lately you will have no doubt been introduced to the idea of outsourcing.  Outsourcing is extremely powerful and is not only a way to get the edge these days, but an absolute necessity.  However it can take a little getting used to in order to maximum it’s advantages in your real estate investing business.

There are many ways to utilize outsourcing for real estate investing.  Your real estate education probably touched on a few ideas for incorporating outsourcing and freelancers, though there really isn’t anything that you cannot outsource today.  From scouting for properties to marketing to property management and selling your homes there virtually isn’t anything you need local staff for anymore.

The problem is that if you are not used to working in a virtual environment and you have a number of freelance staff to manage you need to have a tight system to make sure that things are getting done and done the way you want them.

What some real estate education programs don’t get into is exactly how to set up your virtual team and get the most out of it.  Successful outsourcing all starts with making the right hires.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of virtual assistants and freelance marketers out there from Eastern Europe to India and from the US to the Philippines.  When screening candidates for your real estate investing business remember that you are already saving thousands of dollars a month by outsourcing and not needing a brick and mortar office, additional space, computer equipment, worrying about unemployment payouts or liabilities from staff getting injured on the job.  So do not feel that you have to hire the absolute cheapest freelancer too.  There are $1 an hour providers who can do some basic tasks, but you definitely wouldn’t want most of them talking to your clients on the phone or writing your content.  Making the right hire the first time will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Kick off your projects right by giving clear instructions.  Your own success at knowing how to flip homes relies on good instruction from a real estate education course.  So in turn you need to provide clear instructions to your team members.  They are not mind readers.

You will find good lines of communication more important than ever.  Try using Skype or Google Voice for keeping your real estate investing business linked together and running smoothly as well as some type of project management software.

Take the time to create systems for everything.  Your mentors from your real estate education program got where they are today by using systems, so replicate their success by using systems for all aspects of your real estate investing enterprise.

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