Real Estate Forum Marketing, is it worth it?

Are you missing out by not using online forums to boost your real estate investing business?

Online real estate forums certainly shouldn’t be ignored by investors. Interacting on them provide an array of benefits and advantages for everyone from aspiring newbies to hardcore veteran real estate investing pros.

4 Reasons You can’t Afford to Ignore the Power of Forums:

1. Reputation Management

Do you know what is being said about you in online real estate forums? You could be getting bashed and without keeping on top of it you won’t be able to defend yourself while the competition turns off your prospects and steals them. Done right these forums can also be used to enhance your perceived level of expertise and position you in the minds of home buyers, sellers, renters, other investors and potential partners, just watch what you say.

2. Visibility

There is a lot of noise out there today and it can be hard for newer real estate investors to get seen. Forums offer an essentially free channel for PR, branding and increasing visibility.

3. Links & SEO

Most forums allow real estate investing pros to include back-links to their own websites, social profiles and blogs. While the value of forum commenting and linking in general has been diminished by rampant Google changes, they still have value for boosting SEO, especially those with the most traffic and which are highly relevant to real estate investing.

4. Real Leads

Online real estate forums boast thousands and thousands of users from new home buyers, to distressed homeowners to mortgage pros, Realtors and investors who can make great referral partners. Many are actively looking for referral partnerships while consumers are looking for advice and trusted professionals to help them. Don’t miss this chance to help them and real in real leads with huge ROI.

So is it worth it?

There are obviously many other forms of real estate investing marketing and lead generation which are perhaps more scalable but working forums doesn’t have to cost much at all.

You can do it yourself in a couple hours on the weekend while boosting your real estate education (though mostly learning what not to do), and staying tuned to trends or hire a VA part time or give a couple more hours to one you’ve got.


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