Real Estate Investing 101: Network Marketing For Success

Networking may sound like basic real estate investing 101, though it can be one of the most successful tools that you can master when you begin buying foreclosures and flipping houses. Networking can give you quick lessons in flipping houses 101, commercial real estate investing 101 and help you develop your real estate education quickly and launch your real estate investing career.

Local networking can be absolutely invaluable to your real estate investing 101 education. Start by finding and joining as many of your local networking groups as possible. This can include local real estate investment groups, the Chamber of Commerce, the Realtor Association and others. The professionals you meet at these events can be priceless additions to you network and provide essential real estate investing 101 education and insight to your local market as well as becoming great sources of referrals.

These networking events may be in the form of breakfasts or evening get togethers over cocktails. You will meet mortgage brokers, real estate agents, title company reps and other investors as well as local business owners. You may have to donate a couple dollars to get in, but for the real estate investing education you will receive and the potential flow of leads it could generate it is well worth it. You ought to be able to make this a great addition to your overall marketing plan by devoting an hour or two a week. Keep in mind that this is networking, not ‘net-drinking’ or ‘net-dating’. Also remember that most people really do not want to be sold at these events. Make connections, trade contact details and follow up the next day with your pitch.

Local networking is important, but online networking can help you get more results for less money and less time, if you do it right. Set aside a couple hours a week purely for networking online and beefing up your real estate investing 101 education. Do not let yourself get distracted by chatting to others online, you can do this later. Great places to network and make connections online include through your social networking sites like Facebook and Linked In as well as seeking out professional real estate bloggers and getting involved in their real estate investment blogs. It can provide an excellent way to mix with other investors and potential buyers or financiers of your deals and can give you a chance to connect one on one with pros to boost your real estate investing 101 knowledge.