Real Estate Investing & Email Open Rates

You have probably already heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’. However, building your opt-in list of prospects for your real estate investing business is one thing, maintaining high email open rates and profiting from your list can be something quite different.

Low email open rates not only mean that your messages are not getting delivered and that you are losing out on real estate investing opportunities but is often a precursor to a dive in your subscriber list. It is hard enough to build an opt-in list and your subscribers are extremely valuable so you must strive to consistently improve your open rates if you want to maintain the highest ROI.

One of the biggest issues affecting email open rates for real estate investing companies is not whether prospects choose not to open emails or not but actually getting into their inbox in the first place. Two factors that can prevent this are the format you send emails in and the words used in your emails. Colorful HTML emails can look impressive but they are often seen as spam by email providers and are immediately blocked. So it can pay to keep it simple with basic text emails. The words you use in your emails can also get your emails a one way ticket to the junk folder. Your email software should help alert you to these issues but simply using common sense and avoiding spam words like ‘buy, sell and free’ can keep you on the right track.

Subject lines are the next element real estate investing companies need to address and perhaps the most important when it comes to getting emails opened. Winning subject lines make all the difference in whether prospects will open your emails. Of course marketers don’t want to share these as they are like gold dust but using tools Mail Chimp’s Subject Line Researcher can help a lot.

Finally, make sure that you are offering valuable and fresh info that your subscribers are really going to want to read. Beyond just property listing updates and the same old newsletters real estate investing companies should be using hot tips and help as well as links to great blogs posts.

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