Real Estate Investing Marketing For More Traffic

Need more web traffic for your real estate investing business?  Check out the following 5 ways to ramp up your traffic and really get leads coming through the door so you can make even more money from flipping houses…

PPC Advertising
While many have recently veered away from PPC advertising in favor of social media it still remains one of the few ways of guaranteeing traffic for real estate investing companies.  Of course Google Adwords is the most used form of PPC advertising for real estate investing.  Take your time to test out different keywords, bids, and ads in order to maximize your marketing ROI.

Paid Online Advertising
PPC advertising and Google are not the only options for paid online advertising by any means.  There are many other ad networks offering ad space for banners and other image ads, often in the form of CPM.  This means you pay in batches of 1,000 times your real estate investing ads are shown.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the ideal front line tool for drawing in traffic to your real estate investing business.  However this requires a lot more than a few random posts.  You must have a strategy and be actively adding new followers everyday and effectively funneling them through to your conversion pages.

Email Marketing
Email marketing may not always result in instant deals, but it is a great way to get traffic to your real estate investing website and blog where you can lock them in as regular followers and turn them into real customers.

Blogging is a great way to keep your traffic coming back and get them interested and engaged once you get them there.  Imagine what potential 1,000 blog readers a day has for your real estate investing business.

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