Real Estate Investing Strategy: Over Promise & Over Deliver

No, it’s not a typo, “Over promise and over deliver” could be just the strategy you have been needing to take your real estate investing business to the next level.

While we have been programmed with the message to “under promise and over deliver”, most continue to over promise, yet consistently under deliver. So, if what you have been doing hasn’t been yielding the results you desire, or you know you should be seeing more deals closing and more digits in the bank perhaps it’s time to try a new approach.

Over promise and over deliver is reportedly the strategy being played out by news site Upworthy. Considering the website went from zero to over 10 million unique monthly visitors in just 12 months and has successfully raised millions in funding, it might not be a bad concept to explore or put into practice in your real estate investing company.

Over delivery is great and should be the goal of all investors in order to ensure customer satisfaction and create loyal, raving fans and referrals. However, even those that are doing extremely well on this part of their business sometimes find that they still aren’t rolling in all the green they dream off.

That’s where the over promising part comes into play. Don’t stop trying to wow your prospects and clients, if you want more of them you might need to step up on your promises.

Being too low key or not appearing competitive enough can mean floating under the radar or worse, helping to position the competition as the better option.

If you want to attract more attention, get the visibility you deserve and get people to try you out, whether it is more end investors to flip houses to or bringing in private money, give this strategy a try.