Real Estate Investing: What’s Next?

For those who want to be truly successful at real estate investing and make it a long term solution you must also ways be thinking about ‘what’s next?’.

This does not mean that you will personally have to be involved in the day to day management of your real estate investing business forever.  However you cannot expect to be able to grow your business to a certain level and for it just to stay there without continued effort or a good system.  Plus where is all the fun at if you are not accomplishing fantastic new things through real estate investing on a regular basis?

A good example of this is Disney.  They started off small too.  Then opened a theme park.  Then expanded to another theme park in Florida.  They kept asking what was next.  What if they could get visitors to stay for an entire week instead of just a day, if they built multiple parks would people go to several on one trip, what if they built hotels inside the parks?  Now you can even own your own Disney time share and of course their parks have spread around the globe.

You may start off flipping houses and wholesaling which is a great real estate investing strategy.  Though you may then want to start adding and expanding your business by offering your own brand of real estate education, getting involved in rehabbing, creating a portfolio of rental properties, creating franchises and more.  If you aren’t sure what’s next then lean on your real estate education and build on it.  Start with a good home study real estate education course, then get out and attend some events and even consider coaching.  Whatever you do don’t stop growing your real estate investing activities, the sky is the limit!

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