Real Estate Investing & Your Social Media

by Chris Musial

Face to face and traditional marketing methods are still important for profitable real estate investing, though there is no doubt that Internet marketing is now an essential part of any investors business plan.

Whether you are wholesaling, rehabbing and flipping homes or working with real estate short sales social media marketing can make all the difference for real estate investing companies. This is true for pulling in prospects quickly at the beginning and ensure the longevity of your success flipping real estate. You have no doubt heard this numerous times already, but what social media networking sites do you really need to be on, how can they help and how much attention do they need to have a positive impact on your real estate investing business?

Without a doubt Facebook and YouTube are probably two of most important social media networking sites that you can be on and use to attract the largest number of contacts quickly. Linked In can also be very useful for presenting a professional image for your real estate investing business and connecting with others. Twitter has rocketed to fame and is an incredible tool for keeping in contact with prospects and notifying them of great homes you are flipping. Each of these social media networking sites offer slightly different benefits for real estate investing companies but all are important. There are obviously many more and sometimes it seems there is a new social media site being launched everyday. However instead of driving yourself insane trying to keep up with them all and use them all, choose a few that have proven successful for real estate investing and work them well.

Before launching yourself into any new advertising channel you also need to asses what resources and how much attention it is going to require to be successful. Most forms of social media marketing including blogs work best if you can update them at least a couple times a week and preferably everyday.

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