Real Estate Marketing: Huffington Post Reverses the Twitter Trend

Is your real estate investing marketing really headed in the right direction?

First it was blogging, then shorter Facebook updates, then minute micro-blogging via Twitter. Marketing messages have been getting short and shorter, and now with more video and the explosion of photo sharing via Pinterest often no words are being used at all.

How do you get smaller and briefer than that? Is the answer going in the completely opposite direction with your real estate investing marketing and opting for a long form approach instead?

The Huffington Post seems to think so…

We have already seen a few channels bucking the micro messaging trend, including Google’s Hangouts and some websites publishing longer pieces. Now the Huffington Post has announced the release of a new long form magazine being launched exclusively for the iPad. Note it’s not free either. Those who’ve had a sneak preview seem to love it but whether it really catches on we’ll have to wait and see.

The desire to be different is certainly smart but in order to work whether for you or the Huffington Post it is going to have to be seriously interesting and incredibly valuable as well as fast to read and easy to navigate.

Real estate investing pros can try out this approach in a number of ways from co-sponsoring newsletters whether in email or print, as well as via their social and websites. However, before you go all in on investing in long form consider extensive testing. The bottom line is it is all about conversions. If you can convert with only a Tweet, why blow all the dough on an entire magazine? Or perhaps blogging continues to provide the best of both worlds and stays the optimal crossover tool.