Real Estate Marketing: Pain VS Pleasure

We all know that the key to great marketing for real estate investing companies is instilling motivation in prospects, but how do you do that and get them to act NOW?

Most articles and columns on marketing for real estate investing and flipping houses focuses on creating hooks through special offers or give aways or placing an effective ‘call to action’ at the end of your marketing piece. However sometimes just offering the good and having an attractive offer just isn’t enough to get prospects for your real estate investment business to take action.

Why not? For a start you must make sure you are selling the benefits and not just the features. But what really motivates most people is avoiding pain. Yes everyone would probably like a new home or would like to get out from under the debt they have or make more money from real estate investing, but what do they have to lose if they do not take you up on your offer? More importantly, what will happen now or in the immediate future if they do not take action right now? For buyers it may be having to pay an extra ten thousand dollars or several hundred dollars a month for the same property if the wait any longer to buy. For sellers it could be actually losing their homes and having their credit so destroyed they will not be able to find another roof over their head. While for other investors that you are flipping real estate to it could be missing out on huge profits. Real estate investing companies that want to get the most out of their marketing must decide what it is that threatens the most pain for their prospects, expose that fear to them and then offer a way out!