Real Estate Marketing: Social Media Advertising

Social media has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools for real estate professionals. Used correctly, these platforms are both cost effective and incredibly lucrative. Be sure to take advantage of social media when conducting real estate marketing.

For the time being, it may be possible for some real estate agents and investors to survive without a social media strategy. However, those havens are shrinking rapidly. As many investors are finding out, the advantages provided by social media advertisements are unparalleled. Neglecting to use them is only hurting yourself.

Whether property professionals enjoy using social media personally or not, there is no question that it should be embraced for business and investment use. It offers scale, speed, and an ROI unachievable through many other mediums.

In addition to this, one of the biggest draws to social media marketing for real estate has been the low cost. Investors, Realtors and small businesses can essentially set up their own profiles and begin leveraging platforms like Foursquare and Facebook for free.

Of course, they may also be up against competitors that have already built out substantial social media sites. Thankfully, one of the best advantages provided by these sites, is that they can really level the playing field. Novice investors are given the same opportunity as large-scale firms. You just need to learn how to take advantage of them.

So what are some of the options the most popular social platforms offer?


Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in existence. The sheer volume of active users on the site make it impossible for real estate marketers to ignore. However, out of a need to please shareholders, Facebook has also reduced the effectiveness of free marketing in order to push more businesses.

On the bright side, Facebook ads are very inexpensive and can help investors grow very quickly. There are several ways to leverage Facebook ads. You can promote posts , sponsor stories and create special offers. Marketers can choose between paying per click or the amount of times an ad is shown. This can run from a few cents into multiple dollars. Perhaps even more importantly, is the targeting algorithm provided. This allows you to reach exactly who you need to.


Like Facebook, Twitter has rolled out its own paid advertising options. Many people are completely unaware of this, which makes it even more powerful. Twitter offers two main options. One is promoted Tweets, which are similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s promoted posts. The second is a recommendation option, which pops up and suggests users follow you based upon their other preferences. This can be powerful, yet also frequently pricier than Facebook. Another option is using third party services which offer sponsored tweets. For the right price, you can get a celebrity to post your Tweet. Currently, this includes Mike Tyson, Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians.


LinkedIn offers similar advertising options for real estate businesses and individual professionals. The social network’s minimum per-click bids and daily spends do seem higher than the above choices. However, this could be a potential option for those seeking to target and connect with higher-end buyers, private mortgage lenders and develop high profile strategic partnerships.


Google hasn’t rolled out these features for Google+ yet. However, the tech firm still offers plenty of other options including Google Adwords, which is actually tied into Google+.

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