Real Estate Marketing Tools: Toll Free Numbers

Many involved in real estate investing have built successful businesses and launched good marketing campaigns using local telephone numbers alone. However toll free numbers do provide a wide range of benefits for real estate investing that simply cannot be ignored.

It is even more crucial than ever these days for investors to maximize every marketing dollar they have, if not simply to realize higher returns and more income at least to stay ahead of the competition. Toll free numbers offer so many advantages for real estate investing it is hard to ignore them.

Besides the clear branding benefits for real estate investing companies toll free vanity numbers have proven to consistently provide double digit increases in direct marketing response rates and even higher improvements in closing ratios. What person in the real estate investing game wouldn’t want better results, more inquiries and more deals from the same campaign?

Beyond these immediate benefits toll free numbers also provide one of the best ways to test your real estate investing direct mail campaigns so that you can tweak your demographics, mail packaging, sales copy and even your phone script and pitch once they call you.

It used to be that toll free numbers, especially vanity numbers that spell out words or phrases were incredibly expensive which was the main reason that many did not take advantage of them. However they are now much more affordable and everyone in the real estate investing game can afford a premium toll free number that will easily pay for itself in one campaign. As many investors mainly focus on doing business in a few select geographic areas new toll free shared usage plans can be ideal for obtaining a premium vanity number while only paying for what you need. These types of deals can be found from as little as $20 per month and are well worth looking into to help you get the most out of all of your marketing.