Real Estate Mindset: How To Kick Negativity To The Curb

Many aspiring real estate investors, business owners, and industry professionals find that they are regularly battling negativity. Sometimes it is coming from their personal spheres of influence, the media, and within the ranks of their own enterprises. So what are some of the practical tactics that the truly successful use to overcome negativity, and how can you use them to excel in your real estate niche?

The first thing you need to do is recognize the negativity around you. Recognize when negativity is impacting the way you work. You can’t fight it effectively if you don’t see it coming. It is also extremely important to recognize that you are not alone, and that this isn’t an issue unique to you. You aren’t the only real estate investor, entrepreneur, or small business owner to think they are crazy for trying and believing every once in a while. In fact, it is a staple for anyone who tries to step up and improve their situation. This recognition alone can make a big difference. It’s not just you; it is a force every successful person has to combat, and that battle becomes a lot easier to win when you see the threat coming.

Experienced real estate investors have one specific advantage that new investors may not: experience. To that end, they know that everything won’t go according to plan. They know adversity will eventually show its ugly head. Some negotiations are going to fall apart. Sometimes the inspection report is going to reveal major flaws. There are going to be title issues, appraisal issues, and communication issues. People are going to drop the ball and work against you. It is up to you to deal with it accordingly.

Motivational coaches and gurus often talk about pushing all of the negative people out of your life. Truth be told, this isn’t possible for the vast majority. There are just some things we can’t control. To that end, you can’t always control the people involved in real estate transactions either. Sometimes you will find that you can control more than you think. You can get involved in politics, find ways to build influence with mortgage underwriters, and like many developers get sweetheart deals on taxes and renovation costs. Know what you can and cannot control. Find ways to exert more control in the areas you can. Determine to stay positive in the other areas, no matter what.

You can stay positive by learning to master your own mindset. This isn’t the stuff of fiction I am talking about, but a real lifestyle change. Learn how to change your own state of mind. Know how to switch gears and get into your zone whenever you need to. It could be putting in the earbuds and blaring your favorite tunes, running around the block, quoting a favorite saying, or a personal power move. Test it out, see the results, and know when to reach for this power-tool.

Negativity can actually be a great thing, if you know how to approach it. First, it means the ability to seize opportunities others are failing to take. It’s no secret that the biggest real estate fortunes have been made in downturns. Let others doubt themselves while you plow ahead and scoop the deal, and make the move. Be different, and act differently to get positive results.