Real Estate Web Domains: Goes Up For Grabs

Real estate web domains may be one of the most overlooked dimensions of any successful investor business. They not only establish brand awareness, but they facilitate a presence on the entire Internet.  Is it worth pursuing additional real estate related web domains for investors? More importantly, which ones are worth looking into?

What’s the point, how much value is in it, and what other similar investment strategies might be smart for investors and companies to keep an eye on?

According to the Chicago Tribune and Inman News, the owners of are shopping the web domain for a potential sale. At the right price, this could be a smart buy, and being the tenth most popular real estate site last month, could change the game quickly.

This not only means a big boost in visibility for the new owner of the domain, but a lot of monthly internet traffic, real estate leads and extra income from advertising.

Just look at the deal that saw the domain sell for over $8 million a couple of years ago, which led to Market Leader being bought out by Trulia for over $300 million.

This is growth hacking at its finest. Even if web domains aren’t your thing; like houses they can be flipped for fast cash and bulking up war chests for later.

Finding more real estate web domain names is pretty easy using any registrar like or just searching the internet for ones that pop into your brain. You can always make an offer on one in use or even hire a third party negotiator to handle the deal on your behalf.

Forward thinking real estate investing pros and CEOs will also see similar opportunities in custom social URLs and taking over existing social profiles.

Don’t let yours expire either, and lock up similar spellings in order to keep the competition at bay. This shouldn’t replace or be a major distraction from what you are directly doing in real estate, but can compliment it.

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