REO’s Short Sales & Foreclosures: Which Property Type Best Aligns With My Strategy?

Every great investor is always looking for a new way to find great deals. Whether it be an original marketing strategy, a trending lead generation tool, or a negotiation technique to help you move on an REO offer, the most successful investors are consistently up to date on the current events of the industry.

So what if I told you there was a way where you could work with motivated sellers who are willing to sell properties below market value and who are even often willing to finance a deal for little to no money down.

Intrigued? I thought so.

As it turns out, Investing in REO properties is a great option for investors looking for a creative way to get ahead of their competition. If you’ve ever invested in a short sale or foreclosure property, investing in an REO will be an easy transition.

REOs vs. Short Sales vs. Foreclosures: How Do I Choose?

While REOs, short sales, and foreclosures have many similarities, they also have inherent differences.  Depending on whether you invest in wholesale properties, rehab properties, or rental properties will determine which distressed property type you will buy.

Use our triple venn diagram to discover how these three property types are related and use our tips to find the strategy that will suit you best: reo deals

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