Review from Attendees of the 3-Day Bootcamp

by FortuneBuilders Student

This event was absolutely life changing. When I tell you, just riding in the car and listening to the radio and hearing, you don’t think too much of it but getting here and hearing all the information that I don’t even know was out there is amazing. And the people, the team they are so personable– they are inspirational. I feel so motivated leaving here. It’s life changing. That’s $200 I paid to come here, was two pennies. You know, it was next to nothing. I’ve learned so, so, so, so much. Here we are, a week later. Two, three weeks. Two, three weeks later, and we own our own business, by a $200 investment. And the knowledge that we’ve attained this last weekend is priceless. Neither one of us actually finished college, both went! Neither one of us finished but we joined the military. Logistics Specialists in the military. So our college education is paid for, for us so we don’t have to worry about that but we have two college students now who we’re setting them up for success in the sense in that it’s been proven. We’re gonna go do the leg work your legacy for your kids so you can take it further for our kids, that we don’t have yet. But the aspiration just to be successful, it’s there.

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