Rocket Your Real Estate Investing With Successful Signs

Signs are certainly one of the most effective from of marketing used by those most successful at flipping homes. Signs can be used to attract both distressed homeowners and potential buyers of your homes as well. Plus they are incredibly profitable to use when you look at the cost-per-action over time, when they are used right. There are so many ways to use signs for flipping homes from putting them on your car to sticking them up by the side of the road, tying them to telegraph poles and posting them in the yards of your properties. So how do you make the most out of every sign and ensure that you are maximizing the ROI or your real estate investing marketing budget?

The amount of people that call on these types of signs, are incredibly amazing. In fact you could easily find your phones ringing off the hook all day long. However there are two common issues that arise with using signs for flipping homes that take away from their true effectiveness. One is that you could find yourself wasting hours a day on the phone with unqualified prospects that take away from time you could be using to flip houses for profit. The second problem arises when your phone lines are busy or you are not available to answer them. Many prospects simply don´t have the patience to leave a message or do not want to leave their phone number and get bombarded by calls.

While many investors have found great success with using local numbers on these types of signs, there are 2 other ways to solve the above issues and make sure you are maximizing the profitability of every hour you spend your real estate investing business. Using an 800 number call capture system you can dramatically increase your response rates as well as use your time more wisely. Advertising a recorded message on your sign often rockets the amount of calls you receive as many people want more information but do not immediately be forced to listen to a sales pitch. This will mean a big boost in the number of prospects that call from each sign. Plus you can then give them the option to be connected to you live. Even if they do not, your system will capture their numbers so you can call them back later. Another newer twist on this for flipping homes is using text messages. Using the same principals passers by can text your number for more information. This enables you to capture their number as well as email address and put them in your automated prospecting systems. These tools also allow you to better screen prospects and tailor your scripts to their interests when you call back, which in turn will improve your closing ratios.