Is After Sales Service Your Missing Ingredient?

Could after sales service be exactly what you have been missing to rocket your success and real estate investing income?

Ironically after sales service is virtually non-existent in the U.S. and many real estate investors are completely dumbfounded at the term and don’t know what it means. In most of the rest of the world after sales is one of the top differentiating factors between real estate companies and who people choose to buy from.

This will be even more important going forward with a huge surge in foreign investment expected this year.

This instantly differentiates those real estate investors and sellers that are just trying to squeeze out the next fast dollar and those whom can be trusted to provide honest services and will be around when help or another transaction is needed.

Besides making conversions easier and increasing advertising effectiveness it is also an edge for developing loyalty and generating referrals and warm leads.

After sales is about making the product more profitable and valuable for clients, and some firms have whole after sales staff teams.

Yes, you can just offer good deals and services upfront, get slicker marketing and get better at talking people into things but imagine you went above and beyond to really wow customers.

Some types of after sales services others offer include:

  • Call center support for questions or concerns
  • Assisting with utility hookup, moving or furnishing
  • Property management
  • Checking on the property in the owner’s absence
  • Updates on value and rental increase opportunities
  • Warranties
  • Referrals to tax and legal help
  • Transport
  • Concierge services

One real estate company selling rentals even goes as far as offering to buy the property back! Imagine the confidence that would instill in prospective buyers.


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