Tony Elk Rental Property Deal


Tony Elk Rental Property Deal

Strategic Home Solutions LLC in East Brunswick, NJ
Tony Elk with Sam Saleh, Tony Elk

We purchased this rental property through a wholesaler in Trenton, NJ. The tenant was not paying and had agreed to leave. We rehabbed the property and rented it to a very nice young couple. We held the property for about 7 months until we sold it to a fellow FB Mastery Student.

Rental Property Details

Property City: Trenton
Property State: NJ
Purchase Price: $32,000

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Case Study

How did you find and structure the financing of this deal?

We paid cash for the property from the proceeds from one of out other deals.

Provide a summary of the repairs and improvements you made to the property.

The repairs were light. Paint, carpet, kitchen and cleaned up the yard.

How did you find a buyer for the property if you sold it?

We found our buyer through our monthly meetings with Jonathan Steingraber in Garwood, NJ.

What are some of the major lessons learned that you would like to share with other students that they can learn from?

I learned that I do not like having rental property in inner cities. The returns are great, but the headaches are greater!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Shout out to my FB Family who gave us tips and help along the way. Thank you to Jonathan Steingraber who facilitated the meeting of my buyer through his monthly meetings.

Before & After Photos